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Coliving Spaces

We understand that the people you stay with play a huge role on how you feel. Our AI & ML engine suggests the right Tikaana for you based on the profiles and interest of the existing residents. To go with our technology, our places are artistically done, properly maintained and are lively. We care for you better than anyone else. Our experience is your support. Get your address changed to a Tikaana near you today.

Working Professionals

After a long day’s work or on a well deserved weekend break, the last thing you should worry about is getting your room cleaned or having to run around to get some errands done. You should have a place where resting and having fun is the only thing you should think of.

Tikaana offers you the highest level of comfort that makes you happy. All that you need to do is get your bags and enjoy our amazing spaces. Did we mention that you can also build a lot of meaningful and personalised connects than the virtual connects on LinkedIn? Your mental well-being and your career both progress with Tikaana. Join us today and we will do everything to make you feel special every single day.

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Why Hostel when you can Tikaana? Student life is filled with so many memories and fun. You can never get back this part of your life, no matter how hard you try later.

Our coliving spaces for students give you a great environment where fun and learning can happen simultaneously. The places are beautifully setup and everything from food to maintenance is taken utmost care of.This is the best place you can find away from your home.

Come join Tikaana. Come join Tikaana as a group and get special offers.

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